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“Misty Spring”, 2019

Spring morning air. It smells green and earthy, feels chilly and quiet; Layers of fog create invisible droplets in the atmosphere and refresh newly blossoming flowers.

“How can I transform a sense of smell and feel into visible images?” …I keep asking? Experimenting, exploring and testing a panoply of glazes.

Capture the fleeting moment of nature and atmosphere, visualizing in my imagination and bringing to life through my pottery. Wherefore I can bring them inside and enjoy a fragment of the beautiful experience at my dinner table.

about me

Thank you for visiting my website! I am a Ceramic Artist who creates Functional pottery and Porcelain decorative objects/sculptures for the home. I work from my studio in Arlington, Massachusetts.  My inspiration comes from nature and my sense of feelings from natural beauty. I love the undulating journey of pottery making (perhaps more than the final result) which includes various processes and techniques needed by the artist. Sometimes daunted by setbacks such as a new design shortfall or the perseverance needed to discover the perfect glaze, the endless creative possibilities never fail to spark joy, excite my curiosity and wondrously transcend the limitations of pottery making.


                                                                                                           Sayaka Rawizza

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