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Sayaka grew up in a small coastal town in Kamakura, Japan where mountains and the sea harmonize with rich historical gems. As a child growing up, she was always interested in art, especially colors. She was fascinated by how colors and visual images shape human emotion. Sayaka studied Color Psychology at Seishin Joshi University in Tokyo and worked in the Advertisement Department in Kanebo Cosmetics in Japan.


After coming to the United States, Sayaka decided to focus her studies on ceramics. She chose ceramics because she felt that pottery ware was deeply rooted in her culture and daily life. When she held her very first bowl creation, it brought her back to the quiet moment of time when she studied the Japanese Tea ceremony at a young age; the sensory and visual appreciation of the surface of the bowl and even the base of the bowl. Certain disciplines of pottery making also remind her of other aspects of Japanese culture, including respect for the nature of clay and fire, patience, and repetitive methods to achieve mastery and orderly perfection built on wabi-sabi.


Sayaka received a Master’s degree in Fine Arts from the Massachusetts College of Art and Design and has over 25 years of experience in ceramics. In addition to the sale of her art pieces at craft events and to private clients, she has participated in Juried Ceramics shows and Exhibits. She also enjoys teaching pottery, helping aspiring students to bring out their creative strength and apply it to their art. She currently teaches ceramics classes at the New Art Center in Newton.


MFA Massachusetts College of Arts and Designs


The State of Clay: "the Best of Pottery", LexArt, Lexington MA



New Hampshire Institute of Art, Biennial Ceramics Exhibition: "the second place", Manchester, NH

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